Pho (beef/chicken noodle soup), Bun (vermicelli), and Com Tam (broken rice) are all originated in the 20th Century in Northern Vietnam, southeast of Ha Noi in Nam Dinh Province.

These foods were served on the streets of Nam Dinh. At night you would find people who carry their cooking gears with a shoulder pole, one side of the pole is a small larder with bowls, chopsticks, spices, noodles and beef; the other side is a small coal stove with boiled beef broth. With the refreshing smell, it is hard to resist a bowl of warm, hearty, and delicious pho here on the street side of Nam Dinh.

We at Pho Street takes the original recipe from the streets of Nam Dinh and bring the Pho to you. At Pho Street we provide you with the same delicious food in a more modern environment; one where you can enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee and small conversations with friends and families.

Phostreet - Springfield, PA

Pho Street – Springfield, PA


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